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SCAR-H 20 FDE Moses Mags are now for sale in our store! 

Welcome to  After years of blood, sweat and tears Moses Machine Works LLC has brought to market the Moses Mag Scar-H, Moses Mag FAL and the Moses Mag LAR-8 20 round polymer magazines.

We do not sell “repair kits” (i.e. magazines) with a billing address in the following states and cities: CA-CO-CT-MA-MD-NJ-NY- Aurora, IL- Chicago, IL-Washington D.C.

L.E.O.s  in the above areas, email us for purchasing requirements –


fal bottom view

Thank you to everyone who has ordered and supported the Moses Mag.

Moses Mags are made with great pride in the USA by Americans and is marked accordingly. It counts for 3 of the required US made parts for 922r.

If you are not completely satisfied with the fit and function of the Moses Mag, we offer a complete money back guarantee, that’s just how good the Moses Mag is!