Ban States / CA Residents

We do not sell “repair kits” or magazines with a billing address in the following states and cities: CA-CO-CT-MA-MD-NJ-NY- Aurora, IL- Chicago, IL-Washington D.C.

The following is not legal advise and should not be considered as such. This is just information as to why we think we (Moses Machine Works LLC) shouldn’t sell our magazines to ban states and CA residents!

We do not sell or bill to any state that has a ban law. This means that if your credit card billing address is in a state or city with a ban law, we can’t legally charge that card and then ship to a non-banned address. We think this is REALLY STUPID!!! But, ban laws prevent us from selling in those jurisdictions not merely shipping to them.

It is not legal to ship our magazines to CA unless we are shipping to a law enforcement officer. Even if we disassemble our mags, they are not rebuild kits for magazines that were legally obtained in CA. The only high capacity magazines that are legal in CA are those that were obtained prior to January 1, 2000 or Hi-Cap mags sent to LEOs. The only legal Hi-Cap mag repair kit we could sell would be for magazines that were made prior to January 1, 2000. We currently do not make or sell parts for those magazines made prior to January 1, 2000, so we don’t have anything legal to ship to CA (unless it is to Law Enforcement.)

CA is trying to pass a new law to ban repair kits. Some have said that this shows that it is legal to ship “repair kits” to CA because “otherwise why else would they need to pass a new law.”
A new law being enacted does not mean that current law doesn’t apply. It could mean that CA doesn’t want the old legal high capacity magazines to be legally repaired anymore. This would effectively eliminate all high capacity magazines as they break over time.
“I think you should send rebuild kits, just because the law states you can send them for use in another state as long as the person disassembles them before returning to California and also that it’s legal for them to assemble into a blocked 10 rd mag.”
There is a CA DOJ document floating around the web that has seemingly shown it to be legal to send repair kits of any kind to CA. The CA DOJ document does not say it is legal to ship newly manufactured, disassembled high capacity magazines to another state for final delivery to CA. In fact, it says it is illegal. It also does not say that it is legal to send newly manufactured, disassembled high capacity magazines to CA for assembly into 10 round blocked magazines. It says that newly manufactured 10 round magazine parts can be used to repair legally obtained high capacity magazines. The ONLY CA legal high capacity magazines (assembled or unassembled) are those obtained prior to January 1, 2000. Obviously, any high capacity magazine manufactured after to January 1, 2000 could not have been obtained prior to that date and therefore is illegal in CA. This means the FAL Moses Mag is illegal to send to CA.
The San Francisco District Attorney currently has a lawsuit in progress against several organizations regarding repair kits. The SFDA is fining $2500.00 per “repair kit” shipped or sold in CA plus legal fees. Anyone who says that shipping/selling “repair kits” is 100% legal in CA is lying or doesn’t understand the law and there are many who misrepresent what the CA DOJ document says.
We apologize for any confusion on this matter.