Black FAL 20
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FAL Black 20 round Magazine


If you buy 8 or more magazines we offer free shipping on your order.

The 20 rd FAL Moses Mag weighs 4.85 oz. which is basically half the weight of a standard steel FAL mag.

The Moses Mag works in Metric and Inch (L1A1) rifles.

If you are not completely satisfied with the fit and function of your Moses Mag, we offer a complete money back guarantee, that’s just how good the Moses Mag is!


Product Description

FAL’s have one of the most demanding magazine design and functionality constraints of all modern rifles and Moses Machine Works LLC has produced a magazine deserving of the FAL legacy. Being designed to original print Belgian receivers, and with our rarely paralleled expertise on this platform, we have developed THE state of the art FAL polymer composite magazine. Using 7.62 x 51 NATO cartridges our 20 round FAL Moses Mag functions flawlessly in metric and inch receivers. They also work perfectly in most out-of-spec FAL receivers but may require slight modification, usually a light swipe with a common fine tooth file.

DISCLAIMER: The FAL polymer Moses mag does not fit the LAR-8 (Please see our dedicated LAR-8 Moses Mag) or the RFB rifles without removal of upper ribs because of the deeper magwells those guns have. We DO NOT warranty modified magazines! However,  we have seen and heard reports of the Moses Mag functioning flawlessly in the LAR-8 and RFB!

“Great Mags – I wanted to say how impressed I am with my Moses Mag. I am a law enforcement officer and carry an 18 inch barrel DS Arms SA58 while on duty. The Moses Mags fit was tight with no rock or wobble, and function has been 100 percent with 150gr American Eagle FMJ and Federal TRU 165gr HP after about 300 rounds. This is a quality made mag and I stake my life on a Moses Mag every day that I go to work which is why I have four more on order. I like some others have had to wait a couple of weeks to get my mags delivered but they will come and are sure worth the wait.” Dan P., Texas Sheriff (TX Lawman on

“Best Mag – I now have over 1000 rounds with out one problem. I have used all three of the moses mags that I have received. (WELL WORTH THE WAIT) I have a Century Arms R1A1 that had problems jamming with my old inch surplus mags. since I started using the Moses Mags the gun has not jammed once. I was thinking of buying a another FNFAL but since I started running these mags my gun has ran perfect. I will spend the money on more MOSES MAGS AND AMMO!!!”
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