SCAR-H / LAR-8 Mag



Moses Mag SCAR 20 FDE

Happy FDE Day!

We did a short run earlier this month and quality testing is finished! Go to our shop to get FDE SCAR Moses Mags now!!

NOTE! The SCAR-H 20 Moses Mag does not work in the LAR-8.

The SCAR-H 20 Moses Mag and LAR-8 20 Moses Mag is a standard, double stack configuration and weighs 4.7 oz. That’s 45% lighter than the 8.5 oz OEM steel mags.

All of the R & D that went into the FAL Moses Mag has had direct application to our SCAR-H Moses Mag and LAR-8 Moses Mag. We have already run over 1100 rounds through the final prototype with no failures to fire or any sign of significant wear. That is 1100 rounds through a single magazine. What we developed is a magazine that is at least as reliable as the standard steel mag, lighter and more cost effective to boot!